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Episode 18

Episode 18

Touching During Mass. Enough already. Enough with shaking hands, too, at least during the cold and flu season. That custom has ran its course.

Today’s Pride and Prejudice Parlor Scenes. Family members lounging around the living room, each with individual screens in their hands. The end of the family? Or a return of the family to 1800 leisurely norms?

Marshall McLuhan. This Catholic convert would probably take major issue with my conclusions in the previous segment. I introduce the thought of this man who used to be a household name and the meaning of his signature line, “The medium is the message.”

Lighting Segments. Augustine didn’t say “He who sings prays twice,” plus it seems kind of self-laudatory. School of Rock, the musical . . . excellent. Andrew Lloyd Weber . . . rich and conservative. More.

Gnosticism. Introducing the thought of Eric Voegelin, one of the twentieth centuries greatest, yet unheralded, thinkers.


Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

Eric Voegelin, Science, Politics, and Gnosticism

Eric Voegelin, The New Science of Politics

Michael P. Federici, Eric Voegelin

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Theme song: Skinnin’ Lynyrd by Greg Scheske, a bespoke expert. Email him here:

Background music for Lightning Segments is courtesy of Audionautix.

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